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29th April 2019 We know your needs better than you

TOPFOREST has been making Eco-Shopping Bags for different clients for more than 15 years, by the order to production we will always follow up and listen to the opinions of our clients, with professional knowledge to solve any environmental protection bag needs, if the customer is first time to order environmental protection bag, we will also further consider for them and give out professional opinions.

Over the years we serve more than hundreds of clients from different sectors, such as HSBC, TVB, Hong Kong Economic Times, Sky Post, ANNA SUI, Cafe De Coral, Kee Wah Bakery, WWF, ICE FIRE, Indigo Living, FILA, The University of Hong Kong, Hospital Authority and so on, from the international brand to school institutions are TOPFOREST dedicated to the service as business partners, and produce the unique Eco-Shopping bags for them.

We know your needs better than you, this is the strongest advantage of TOPFOREST in the environmental bag industry!

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15th April 2019 Earth hour 2019- WWF Canvas Bag

Earth hour 2019 has come to a successful end,
But saving energy doesn't just last overnight.
Like this canvas bag that we made for WWF,
It shows the interaction and connection between nature, life on earth and humans.

To save the planet,
Start by changing your habits.
Simple silk screen printing with exquisite design,
Non-dyed canvas has natural texture,
It matches the Brand image of WWF.

27th March 2019 Top Forest - Change of Business Hours Notice

To create a positive and efficient working environment,
starting from 1 April 2019,
our business hours will be changed as below:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Saturday and Sunday: closed

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Telephone :(852) 2433 8306
WhatsApp :(852) 6885 9379

27th March 2019 Gold Foiling paper Bags costumed for Inauguration Ceremony of Hong Kong Island Federation

The chief executive, Ms. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor,

delivered a speech and presented a certificate of appointment in the Inauguration Ceremony.

The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr. Lau Kong Wah, and

the Director of Home Affairs, Miss Janice TSE, also attended the ceremony.Gold Foiling paper Bags has the Starlight background in deep purple in CMYK Color printing,

the bronzing effect perfectly reflects the bright night scene of Hong Kong,

and with golden ribbon handle looks elegant and luxurious.

This beautiful Bag is just the icing of cake for the successful of the inauguration ceremony!

????The paper bag can help to create the right brand image according to the paper material,

printing method and accessories you choose.

Top Forest is professional to solve your bag-making troubles for any activity/business need!

The minimum quantity of paper bags is 500.

Send us a quotation Now!

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18th March 2019 Eco-bag helps company build up unique Brand Image

Hong Kong is a small place but there is lots of competitions in different markets.

To stand out from their competitors, many companies have been committed to managing their own brand image????.

From branding to product packaging and promotional materials delivered to target audiences, these are all part of the consumer's experience of the brand. To impress them or to let them know that you are different from other competitors is part of the brand strategy you need to conceive.

As a product packaging or advertising materials, Eco-bag is an ideal tool to build up strong and unique brand image, because it is a good helper to continuously interact with your target audience.

Think about it, the brand experience will come to the end when consumer are finished in consumption of your products or the service, or experienced a promotional campaign, but when they pick up your Eco-bags, the interaction are non-stop, they can be in other reasons to continue to use Eco-bags which print your logo or message on it, it become the continuation of the brand experience, the function of advertising is so - let your consumers remember you.

You are the person who most understands your company, and Top Forest is a company specialized in producing Eco-bags for all company and organizations.

What you desire, we will try our best to achieve for you.
The market is changing fast; don't let others take the lead!
Contact our team immediately to make your own unique Eco-bags!

Quotation Inquiry :

Telephone :(852) 2433 8306
WhatsApp :(852) 6885 9379

06th March 2019 Eco-Bag Printing Introduction

Eco-Bags as promotional products which are represent the company's brand image, we are always serious about the production process. Each printing method has different effects on your design. The basic categories of Eco-bag printing are Silk-screen Printing, Photo Transfer Printing, Heat transfer printing, Offset printing and Digital Transfer Printing.

Silk-screen Printing:

Mostly used for Non-woven Fabric, Canvas, Nylon Fabric
Printing method: We pull ink across the printing frame, the ink is then forced through the screen and onto the Fabric below.
Ideal Printing color: 1-4 colors
Characteristics: Using printing ink will create stereoscopic effects; the price is more affordable (with the same number of color comparison). As a result of manual operation, there must be some normal deviation.


Photo Transfer Printing:

Mostly used for Non-woven Fabric, Canvas, Nylon Fabric
Printing method: transfer the pattern to the cloth surface by Heating Technology.
Ideal Printing color: Colorful/gradient pattern
Characteristic: Because the printing material contains the plastic, it has the strong texture, and the visual effect is outstanding.


Heat Transfer Printing:

Mostly used for white Fabric such as Nylon Fabric, TC Fabric and so on.
Printing method: when we heated Heat Transfer Ink to a certain temperature, the ink will change from solid state to vapor state and enter into the pores of the Fabric. After the temperature drops, the color will infiltrate into the cloth surface and form an image.Ideal Printing color: color/gradient pattern
Characteristic: it is accurate on image reproduction, and visual effect will be little hazy.


Offset printing: Mostly used for Paper
Printing method: transfer the image and text from the printing plate to the paper by three rollers. It has higher printing quality compared with the digital printing, and there are more after-effect tools.
Ideal pattern color number: unlimited
Features: it is accurate on image reproduction, and because the printing is based on CMYK principle, the finished product is darker than digital version.


Digital Transfer Printing:

Mostly used for Non-woven Fabric, Woven Fabric
Printing method: print the pattern on a layer of plastic coating and then cover the coating with Non-woven or Woven Fabric.
Ideal pattern color number: unlimited
Features: durable, accurate image reduction, excellent visual effect.


Different materials and printing method have different Minimum Order Quantity,
Let’s chat with us now:


Contact our team:
Telephone :(852) 2433 8306
WhatsApp :(852) 6885 9379

25th Feb 2019 Eco-Bag Materials Introduction
A lot of people have heard the term ”Eco- bags”,

but they are made of different materials and have their own characteristics.

When you want to custom some Eco-Shopping bags,

you need to consider the function of the bag and choose the right material for production:

Non-woven fabric:

Top Forest Non-woven Bag products are made of high quality PP materials, which are of high softness, breathable and waterproof. Non-woven fabric is also easy to degrade in the natural environment, it is environmentally friendly and affordable for anyone who has not much budget, it is popular for promotional use.

Minimum order quantity: 300-500 pieces.


Cotton/canvas fabric:

our cotton canvas is made of natural cotton, which is the most easily decomposed material when placed in nature. It is also the most environment-friendly bag in the market, with soft and comfortable texture and simple and natural appearance.

Minimum order quantity: 300-500 pieces.


Nylon fabric:

nylon belongs to synthetic fiber, its advantage is strong and tough, wear-resisting, smooth, light body, and it is not easy to produce static electricity, so this material that use the most commonly on Eco-shopping bag.

Minimum order quantity: 300-500 pieces.



Our Paper Bag Materials have different grams of weight and texture to choose from, such as Kraft Paper, Embossed paper, Art paper, Eco-Friendly Paper and so on, and its appearance is elegant and generous, it also one of the materials that many international brands love to use.

Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces.


PET fabric:

PET material is made from 80% to 100% recycled plastic bottles. The recycled bottles are cleaned, crushed and transformed into raw materials, those raw materials are re-made as fabric and bags. Our PET bags are very environmental friendly since they are saving resources by re-used raw materials. They are strong to hold more than 10lbs, long lasting and water proof.

Minimum order quantity: 3000.


You have questions? Let’s click here to send us inquiry! ????

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18th Feb 2019 Chinese New Year Gathering in Guang Zhou

In this Chinese New Year Holiday, we visited  to our factory in Guang Zhou, gathering with colleagues and friends in the mainland! We sang Karaoke, eat Chinese food together happily. We also held a ceremony before our Factory resume business, which were worshiped God and set off firecrackers.

13th Feb 2019 Eco-Shopping Bag Expert mailbox 2

Last time we launched the post of the inquiry box of eco-bag expert and we got a lot positive feedback,

so we decided to collect more questions that our clients always ask.

1. What is non-woven Bag? Why we use it for making Eco-Bag?
We use PP non-woven Fabric because it's texture is soft and smooth, waterproof , breathable and elastic. Non-woven bag use for making Eco-Bag as it is easily to degrade in nature, and the price is cheap

2.What is FSC Paper? What is the difference between FSC Paper and Normal Paper?FSC Paper the short name of Forest Stewardship Council, the biggest difference between FSC Paper and Normal Paper is FSC Paper is made of the wood that come from sustainable manage forest , it encourage people to protect forest and the natural habitat , so FSC Paper is more eco-friendly then normal Paper.

3.ow to classify the cotton canvas Fabric? How thick should we we order in Normally? Cotton canvas is basically divided into two types: primary color and dyeing. Primary color is not bleached and dyed, which does not pollute the environment and has a little rich appearance texture of original black dots; as for dyeing, it has been bleached and dyed, with bright colors and variation. The thickness of the cotton canvas is divided into 6a / 8a / 10a / 12a / 14a / 16a.If it is just for the purpose of ordinary promotional materials, usually customers choose 8 oz canvas, if you need it as a product/premium gift, you can choose 12 oz thickness.

4. Why it has difference between the design showed on computer screen and the actual printed bag?This is related to different color principle. The output files on our system usually use the RGB color system, while those used for printing need to use the CMYK color system. RGB is generally known as the color light trichromatic, R (red) red, G (green) green, B (blue), blue, because RGB is the color light, so the color will be more brighter then CMYK.

As or CMYK, it is commonly known as printing four colors: C (Cyan) Cyan, M (Magenta) Magenta, Y (Yellow) Yellow, and K (Black) Black. These colors are composed of solid color materials, and are commonly used in printing or output of large pictures. The more the color is added, the darker it is.

For the same Color seen on the screen, the printing will be darker, so if you want to have the best visual effect, we will suggest using the Color in the PANETONE Color Book as the standard, which will make it easier to estimate the real effect of the object.

You have questions? Let's click here to send us inquiry!

Contact our team:
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04th Feb 2019 Client's Comment

"Confirmed. Good Quality. Please go ahead."

"We have received the bulk goods, My Company is very satisfied. Please arrange the receipt, thank you."

"The sample and the mass production are excellence!"

"Yes I have received the bags, it is so nice!"

"So beautiful!"

During the ten years of bag-making, we experienced many challenges.

Our team is fully committed to following up every single order,
We listen to and respond to every call and email.

When we receive the positive reply from our client, we will all forget the previous hard work .

Because of the beautiful Eco- bags that we make and your positive comments,
is our greatest motivation to move forward! Thanks for your support!

Your excellent design together with our production team, we can make the unique and excellence bags !

23th Jan 2019 Automatic tape cutting machine

 Recently, a customer asked, they have ordered bags elsewhere,

and unfortunately the bag straps were cut in different length.


Why are our bags of such high quality?

The answer is Top Forest Factory has the investment on equip advance machines;

one of them is this Automatic tape cutting machine!


When we mass-produced shopping bags, if the workers cut handles by themselves,

they will inefficiently cut it into uneven part.

Top Forest factory is using Automatic Tape Cutting Machine,

which can evenly cut Handles, Hook & Loop Tape, Rubber bands and other accessories in fast and convenient way.


Our purpose is to provide quality bags for customers to use,

to help customers create positive corporate image!

14th Jan 2019 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Top Forest wishes you Happy Chinese New Year!

In order to let our colleague enjoy the happiness of family love,

our company's holiday arrangement during Chinese New Year is as follows:


our Hong Kong office will be closed

from 2nd to 7th February 2019, and will be resumed for business on 8th February 2019.


our China factory will be closed

from 1st to 14th February 2019, and will be resumed for business on 15th February 2019.

Gradual return to normal from February 15 to mid-February

(mainland workers return to work from home on different days,

so it will take time for the factory to resume production after the Chinese New Year)


Please communicate and prepare in advance to avoid the shortage of stock.

Thank you for your kind attention. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause to you.

Happy Chinese New Year and Good Prosperity in 2019!


If you have any enquiries, please contact us:
Top Forest Manufactory Ltd.
WhatsApp: (852) 6885 9379
Tel: (852) 2433 8306

2nd Jan 2019 Eco-Shopping Bag Expert mailbox

In the past 15 years of bag making experience, we have received many inquiries.

The following questions are commonly asked by customers. Those who order bags for the first time can have a look at them.


Q: How much does it cost to order about a4 size Eco- bags?

A: bag making involves technology, raw materials, logistics, manpower and other factors,

so some basic information should be provided when quoting:

1. Bag style, size and materials 2. Order quantity 3.Printing color quantity

4. Printing area (such as 20 x 31CM) 5. Other workmanship requirements (such as adding Hook & Loop Tape, Button, bottom cardboard and other accessories, adding UV to paper bags,

and specifying vehicle method according to the customer's original sample, etc.) 6. Transport and delivery area

If you do not have any concept, you can visit our website to refer to bag samples, and if you see there is a suitable one, you can tell us its code (LP220, CV216, etc.).

Each Reference bag has manufacturing information, and our sales team can give an approximate quotation. You can also change the manufacturing method on the basis of the reference style.

Q: We don’t have much budget. Which kind of bag is more affordable?
A: generally speaking, non-woven bag with normal size and simple printing, no additional processing/accessories requirements, will be suitable for guests with limited budget.

Q: I have complicated hand-draw lines/color patterns that I want to print.

What kind of printing would you recommend?

A: it is generally recommended to use Off-set printing/ Photo Transfer /Heat transfer if there is a pattern with too fine and complex lines and color/gradient. If silk screen printing, the pattern font must be large enough to be printed clearly. Generally speaking, Chinese font should be at least 0.5cm high, and English font should be at least 0.3cm high. Different printing has different prices and features, remember to choose your own.

Q: How long should the harness be before carrying a bag to the shoulder?
A: A minimum exposure length of 52cm-56cm is required.


Quotation Enquiry Link:


Contact our team:
Telephone :(852) 2433 8306
WhatsApp :(852) 6885 9379

24th Dec 2018 X'mas & New Year Greeting from Top Forest

It seems that Christmas time is here once again. Are you ready for the year 2019?

In this wonderful year, we cooperated with you to make different kinds of exquisite shopping bags.

Thank you so much for your continuous trust and support!

Top Forest’s team in Hong Kong office and mainland factory are promise to serve you professionally in the coming year.
We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones,
And wish you health, prosperity and happiness in the year ahead.

12th Dec 2018 Papercutting style Weaving Bag

This is a beautiful three-dimensional bag which is made of weaving material in 160g. This material can maintain bag shape well and shows the bag printing clearly. The handles are in nylon webbings which are matching to the bag design well. The size of whole bag is 43.8 cm x 40.7cm x 15cm (about two A4 big), with a pair of shoulder straps and a pair of handles, which are highly for practical use.We use CMYK color printing technique on the bag surface, this color printing effect is exquisite. The special texture of the weaving material and sophisticated printing technique display the character of traditional culture vividly even though it is in black and white colours only . It also can keep the color long-lasting. This is suitable for printing out the gradient color graphics or photographs.

Your can create your unique bag for yourselves too. 
The minimum order quantity for woven bag is 3000es.

Quotation Enquiry:
If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.
Top Forest Manufactory Ltd.
WhatsApp: (852) 6885 9379
Tel: (852) 2433 8306

04th Dec 2018 Warmest reminder: arrangement of the goods at the end of the year

The year of 2018 is coming to an end and New year of 2019 will start very soon.
Now it is time for all of you, no matter you are a large or small organizations to place the orders of the bags. As you also knew that at the end of the year, there are so many holidays and the supply of raw materials is tight. Do you have enough bags for the coming periods ?  It is very important to prepare sufficient bags over the coming holidays and festivals such as Christmas, New year, Annual Dinner, Lunar new year and Valentine’s Day etc. A nice shopping bag is a good way for festival business promotion and positive brand image establishment. Besides, it also can enhance the goodwill and impression from your customers.  When we receive your orders, we will arrange production immediately and we would like to make sure you have enough bags to run your business.  We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continuous support in the past and in the future.  If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support again Wish you have a prosperous Year in 2019 !


Best wishes,
Top Forest Manufactory Ltd.
WhatsApp: (852) 6885 9379
Tel: (852) 2433 8306