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TOPFOREST - Pure White Vintage Lace Cloth Bag Set ( Cosmetic Bag + Tote Bag) Gift Set B06027

  • Brand: TOPFOREST
  • Product Code: B06027
  • Availability: 1

Pure White Cotton Lace Tote Bag for Women 

Eco-Friendy Multi-Purpose Cloth Bag
Size: 34cm(W) x 41cm(H)
Material: Pure Cotton
Usage: For Work/School, Daily Going out, Shopping in Store such as Supermarkets/Bookstores, Short Trips, etc

Lady Easy Carry Washable Clutch Bag
Size: 18cm (W) x 12cm (H) + 5cm (B)
Material: Pure Cotton
Usage: Storage of Daily Necessities, Cosmetics Storage, Pencil Case, etc

Hong Kong Local Brand: TOPFOREST
Own Production, Durable & High Grade Workmanship

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